Bikestuff was thought up way back in 2010 when I was a keen rider but was finding it ever so difficult to get my hands on riding gear specifically for women. I have seen how the market has evolved and new brands are making appearances all the time, across all areas.

Bikestuff was originally created to help female riders find everything they need, in one place. Now, it includes mens and youths as there is such a wide array of brands and services (and styles!) now available.

The focus of Bikestuff has become connecting customers to retail outlets that match their search requirements and specific needs. It is designed to help shop owners showcase any niche items or services to a targeted and engaged audience who are showing an interest in a particular item they stock or service they supply.

What makes us different?

Unlike a Google search, BikeStuff does not prioritise businesses who have the larger budgets to invest on advertising or AdWord spend. Our goal is to have BikeStuff act as a central hub for all riders alike, giving the local smaller guys a go at providing a service or product a customer might not have even known was available. We all know and are familiar with the retail giants in our relevant cities, but BikeStuff hopes to be able to create an even playing field for all businesses and giving them an opportunity to connect with customers who are searching for something a little more specific. Likewise, BikeStuff hopes to make the whole shopping experience for the customer as easy as possible, by showing them a list of retailers or service providers that can help them for their specific needs or requirements.

As BikeStuff matures in the digital space, so will the accuracy and bespoke categories of customer search requirements, which in turn will allow BikeStuff to truly be the ultimate motorcycle directory.

Enjoy your journey.


Natasha Randall
Owner & Marketing

Aron Palmer
Owner & Web Services

Deborah Randall